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Powershot Football Master

Powershot Football Master

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Football Master PLAY & Master PRO

Introducing The Football Master PLAY & The Football Master PRO, a groundbreaking solution for enhancing your soccer training. Developed by a former professional soccer player, this cutting-edge equipment focuses on improving two crucial aspects of modern soccer: ball control and precision passing. In today's game, approximately 90% of passes are executed on the ground, making passing and first touch vital skills. Our primary objective is to help players excel by enabling them to master ball control and execute flawless passes. Whether you prefer individual sessions, practicing with a partner, or training with your team, The Football Master provides the ideal solution. Think of it as your own personal soccer coach, offering guidance and support. 

  • Width: 2.15 meters
  • Circular track length: 3.15 meters
  • Weight: 13 kg
  • Effortless assembly
  • Adjustable rebound net
  • Patented product for uniqueness and innovation


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