Invincbl Performance Runner

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Introducing the all-new Performance Runner by Invincbl, the ideal solution when it comes to speed runner treadmills. Invincbl Performance Runner is non-electric, resistance adjusted and fully autonomous, allowing natural running, sprinting and walking patterns while use. This is because of the uniqued curve-shaped running pad which goes as fast as the user goes, giving the feeling of free-running. Invincbl performance Runner also features a unique resistance adjustment system which allows instant change from running to sled pulling to a selection of different pushing and pulling exercises with 6 levels of adjustable resistance.

  • Non motorized / self powered
  • Led display shows speed, time, distance & calories
  • 6 levels of adjustable resistance using gear gnob
  • Zero maintenance required
  • Versatile allowing a selection of different workouts (Running, Walking, Side running, walking lunges, sled pulling etc)
  • Max User Weight: 180kg
  • Performance Runner weight: 195kg
  • Dimensions: Length 201cm × Width 90cm × Height 142cm