Aerobis Fitness Kettlebell

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The Aerobis kettlebell allows you to customize the weight to suit your specific workout needs. You can fill it with sand, steel shots, or even water as a filling material. With our adjustable kettlebell, almost anything can become your training weight!

If you're struggling with a fitness exercise, simply reduce the weight of the kettlebell. And if you feel like you have more energy to spare, just add more filler material. This fitness kettlebell is suitable for everyone, regardless of gender or skill level. Whether you're a beginner starting with 1kg, 2kg, or 5kg, or an advanced athlete pushing your limits with 6kg, 7kg, or more, the Aerobis kettlebell has got you covered.

Even top athletes can incorporate this versatile plastic kettlebell into their training, with weight options ranging from 23kg to 25kg, and everything in between. Whatever weight you need, the Aerobis kettlebell makes it possible.

Maximum loading based on filler material

Water: 8kg (keep in mind that the kettlebell itself is waterproof but not the wrapping )
Sand: 10kg
Steel Shots: 25kg