Strength in Soccer Masterclass + Speed in Soccer Masterclass - FULL CONFERENCE RECORDING

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[Registration for 2 Courses & 1 Roundtable Discussion]


Get access to the following courses in video streaming for one week:


Course 1: Strength in Soccer Masterclass, Speaker: Andreas Beck

Course 2: Speed in Soccer Masterclass, Speaker: Efthymios Kyprianou

[Roundtable 1 - BONUS]: Implementing strength training in congested periods in football, Speaker: Andreas Beck




Soccer Performance Masterclass is a live experience with real case applications from the top level in Soccer. This upcoming SPM will take place online via Zoom and will allow you to experience two essential parts of performance: Strength Training & Speed Training 



Soccer Performance Masterclass is specifically designed to explain how training sessions are designed in real life and addresses exclusively Strength & Conditioning Coaches and Fitness Trainers who work in the field of Soccer.

Soccer Performance Masterclass took place Online via Zoom on 7 of February 2021.

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