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The SandBell is as versatile as your imagination allows it. Combining your favorite features of kettlebells, sandbags, medicine balls, dumbbells, and slam balls, to achieve traditional free weight exercises in a more innovative and safe way. Due to the high quality durable neoprene and the sand, it’s a soft functional weight that can also be tossed, slammed and thrown without damaging surfaces in your facility. The SandBell is a tool for all functional training lovers, just grab it and use it indoors, outdoors, in a group, circuit or alone. Your limits will be tested like never before!

• Grip it. Toss it. Swing it. Slam it.
• Engages hand and wrist gripping muscles.
• Challenges stabilizing muscles in your core.
• Safe for you and your floors.
• Hundreds of possible exercises.
• Made of high quality neoprene.