Soccer Performance Conference 2021 - FULL CONFERENCE RECORDING

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[Registration for 8 Courses & 3 Roundtable Discussions]


Get access to the following courses in video streaming for one week:


Course 1: Implementing strength training in congested periods in football, Speaker: Andreas Beck

Course 2: To sprint or not to sprint in soccer: that’s the question!, Speaker: Efthymios Kyprianou

Course 3: Managing HSR using HIIT in elite football, Speaker: Martin Buchheit

[Roundtable 1 - BONUS]: Roundtable discussion: Performance and Science, Speakers: Andreas Beck, Efthymios Kyprianou & Martin Buchheit

Course 4: How to have initiative without ball. Defensive organization., Speaker: Miguel Angel Ramirez

Course 5: Set pieces training approach, Speaker: Vaggelis Lappas

[Roundtable 2 - BONUS]: Roundtable discussion: Coaching, Speakers: Miguel Angel Ramirez, Dr. Adam Owen & Vaggelis Lappas

Course 6: Recovery Management in Pro Soccer – Creating a 360° system., Speaker: Dr. Med. Lutz Graumann

Course 7: Recovery for Performance and Injury: Evidence, Periodization & Winning Margins, Speaker: Dr. Robin Thorpe

Course 8: Practical implications around Recovery in Football: How we deal with schedules, different game models and different periodizations, Speaker: Callum Walsh

[Roundtable 3 - BONUS]: Roundtable discussion: Recovery / Regeneration in Soccer, Speakers: Dr. Med. Lutz Graumann, Dr. Robin Thorpe & Callum Walsh




Soccer Performance Conference, a 1 Day specialized webinar, designed to provide trainers, coaches and team managers with advanced knowledge as for soccer-specific training and performance optimization. Delivering results in soccer and outperforming in every game needs extreme dedication, precision and proper planning. We bring together some extremely experienced trainers, coaches, managers, psychologists and nutritionists in one day full of soccer-specific performance. 

Soccer Performance Conference 2021 took place Online via Zoom on 14 of November 2021.

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