K-Well Pro Rack

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K-Well Pro Rack is ideal squat rack for weightlifting and functional training. Equipped with practical bar supports that allow to practice different bar training exercises, both in load or download phase. The adjustable safety bars are designed to guarantee a totally safe training by helping in the release-phase after training. K-Well Pro Rack can be used with all different types of benches at provides enough inside depth for fitting any bench.

K-Well Squat Rack is equipped with 6 plate storage bars compatible with 50mm Olympic plate or bumpers which can be enough to store plates and keep the weight lifting area nice and clean. It also features a ring located in the upper part of the structure which allows the user to hang suspension training devices, bands, straps or other functional training products that need to be anchored/hanged. It also features 2 practical pull-up handles which offer different grips to the users for all pull-up exercises. It also includes a bar holder, a tubular-shaped structure located at the back of the Half Squat Rack, designed to hold the bar once the training is over.


Depth: 145 cm
Width: 170 cm
Height : 217 cm
Fully adjustable with 22 numbered position for safety bars and bar supports