Flowin Pro Science Friction

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FLOWIN® Pro Science Friction™

For measurement, testing and evaluation purposes. The FLOWIN® Pro Science Friction™ Board is aimed at determining the direction and length of movements, using the board’s coordinate system.

The system helps you determine physical differences between the right and left half of the body at a given point in time. Track changes in a given movement over time. Control movements in relation to a desired length, direction and path of movement.

Comes complete with board and pads as well as access to workouts online.

Colors: White
Measures 138x98 cm


Flowin® Friction Training™ is a multifunctional easy to use bodyweight training concept and training equipment. The Flowin® Board has a patented low friction surface. It is a tool for high intensity, dynamic, bodyweight exercises. No need for installation, the equipment can easily be moved from one room to another. Just place it on a floor where there is a free open area and start the training session, group workout or individual training.