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An optimal floor surface reduces the chance of injuries during sports activities. Flooring roll is the perfect solu­tion for professional applications such as sport arenas, fitness centers, functional training studios and gymnas­tic facilities. Characteristics such as shock and impact absorbing, elasticity and safety, make our Flooring Roll the ultimate flooring solution.

Seamless, point elastic, indoor sports flooring systems. The particularity of this system lies in the application of the installed prefabricated rubber mat, pore sealer, wear coat and top coat. The system offers players and athletes maximum comfort and an excellent safety. Our flooring solution is certified by the IHF and meets the requirements according to EN 14904 and DIN 18032 Part 2.

- Made in Europe
- Available in 6mm and 10mm thickness (Black and Black with color).

Custom thickness and secondary colour option available.

We can visit your facility and measure/advise for ideal type of flooring, as well as take care of installation (extra charge applies). Contact us for an appointment!