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Dumbbell Rack

Dumbbell Rack

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Dumbbell racks for commercial gyms and home gyms. Depending on your dumbbell type or number, we provide various dumbbell racks for storage, giving your gym a safer and tidier space.


Dumbbell Rack (10 pairs) - 2 shelves

Dimensions: 242cm x 73cm x 73cm (Height)

Dumbbell Rack (9 pairs) - 3 shelves

Dimensions: 160cm x 76cm x 115cm (Height)


Dumbbell Rack (14 pairs) - Tower

Dimensions: 76cm x 76cm x 157cm (Height)


Dumbbell Rack Standard (9-14 pairs) - 3 shelves

Dimensions: 150cm x 61cm x 61cm (Height)

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