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Chrome Dumbbells PRO

Chrome Dumbbells PRO

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Chrome Dumbbells made of steel and covered in rubber, our professional set is both extremely heavy duty and beautifully designed.

- Professional set of steel dumbbells covered in rubber.
- Sold as: Kit of 2-20kg, Kit of 2-30kg or Kit of 32-40kg
- Increase Kg: 2

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Usefull information

Dimensions / Weight

  • Product range (kg): 2-20 / 2-30
  • Increment (kg): 2
  • Tolerance: ±5%.
  • Handle 15 cm 

Product information

  • Professional set of dumbbells
  • Made of knurled steel and a high-quality polyurethane compound of circular shape
  • Durability over time

What is included

Package includes:

5 pairs (32-40kg)

10 pairs (2-20kg)

15 pairs (2-30kg)