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BLACKROLL Recovery Blanket Ultralite

BLACKROLL Recovery Blanket Ultralite

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BLACKROLL Recovery Blanket Ultralite will help you recover faster and better thanks to the celliant® fibres that promote restful sleep and faster recovery.

Start the day well rested and full of energy in the morning. Who wouldn't want that? The Celliant® fibres in our relaxation blanket promote restful sleep and faster recovery. The vegan Celliant® fibre has the feature of promoting local blood circulation and improving the oxygen supply to the body's cells. This gives you more stamina during the day - for sports or everyday life. In addition, the Celliant® fibre helps you to regulate your body temperature during sleep. By the way: Our lightweight blanket is 100% Made in Germany, OEKO TEX® STANDARD 100 certified and also suitable for allergy sufferers. You can wash it at 60°C and dry it gently in the dryer.  

The RECOVERY BLANKET ULTRALITE is also ideal as a light summer duvet. If it's too cold for you in the colder months, you can button the ultra-light duvet together with our RECOVERY BLANKET and benefit from the ideal sleeping climate and faster recovery thanks to the Celliant® fibre. 


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