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Comfortable & skin friendly pillowcase in three colors The skin-friendly PILLOW CASE JERSEY pillowcase fits your RECOVERY PILLOW perfectly. It is tailor-made so that it can merge with the contours of the pillow and does not form any annoying wrinkles. The cover protects your pillow from dirt, dust and sweat. We lose up to half a litre of fluid at night - about half of it from the head. The materials used in the RECOVERY PILLOW are already designed to regulate moisture, the cover serves as additional protection against dust and dirt deposits on the surface or in the fine pores of the pillow.

  • Perfectly fitting pillow case for the BLACKROLL®RECOVERY PILLOW.
  • Comfortable and skin-friendly pillow case made of cotton.
  • Durable and washable at 60°C - for a comfortable sleep.
  • With zip for easy changing.