Alpha Pilates Studio Reformer With Half Cadillac

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The Alpha Pilates Systems Tower Studio Reformer is a user-friendly Tower Reformer that combines the benefits of the Studio Reformer and Half Cadillac, providing a wide range of exercise options. A stainless steel tower sits on top of the Reformer and offers exercises for full-body strengthening and flexibility improvement, featuring a Push Through Bar, Roll Down Bar, and long springs of varying resistances along its length for a personalized workout. The Reformer's features allow for customizable exercises due to its adjustable resistances and footbar inclination, and its silent cart provides comfort, anatomical support, and smooth movement. The Studio Reformer is designed with a higher height than standard Pilates beds for ease of use by instructors and easier sitting for elderly or sick practitioners with musculoskeletal issues. The wooden frame is narrower than its predecessor, without compromising carriage platform width, and features elegant lines and a smooth finish, handmade using high-quality materials such as solid beech wood panels and inox stainless steel on the footbar. The design pays tribute to timeless style and craftsmanship.

Weight: 83.7kg

Dimensions of wooden frame:
Length: 252cm x Width: 65cm x Height: 45cm

Dimensions of metal tower:
Width: 74cm x Height 210cm