Alpha Pilates Spine Corrector

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The Spine Corrector is an excellent tool for Pilates beginners and people with back pain, as it allows for gentle, yet effective exercises to improve spinal mobility and alignment. It can be used in a variety of exercises, such as stretches, rolling, balance work, and even more advanced movements like back bends and bridges. The Spine Corrector is a versatile and effective addition to any Pilates practice.

Spine corrector Dimensions: Length: 95cm, Width: 43cm, Height: 35cm

Spine corrector Weight: 12.8 Kg

Spine corrector 3 in 1 Dimensions: Length: 104cm, Width: 52cm, Height: 35cm

Spine corrector 3 in 1 weight: 17.6 Kg

Arc Barrels Dimensions: Length: 70, Width: 46, Height: 21-28-32

Arc Barrels Weight: 7.5 Kg – 9.2 Kg – 11.2 Kg