Alpha Pilates Barrel Arm Chair

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The Alpha Pilates Systems Alpha Barrel Arm Chair is a unique and versatile piece of Pilates equipment that combines the benefits of a Ladder Barrel and an Arm Chair. It offers a comprehensive full-body strengthening and flexibility program, with a wooden bar made of solid beech and a wooden barrel that can be used as a seat. The option to extend the barrel and add a sitting box creates a large platform for performing Pilates Cadillac Trapeze exercises. The high-density orthopedic pillow, made of EVA material, provides comfort and support, and the barrel allows for a wide range of motion to cater to the needs of the exerciser. The chair also has three points for attaching springs with handles, which come in two different resistances, and a flat footplate for added comfort during exercise.

Total weight: 81,8 Kg