Align-Pilates Step Barrel Arc

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The Modular Step Barrel & Arc (also known as the ‘Spine Corrector’) adds extensively to the core functionality of the traditional Step Barrel, which has long been known to help improve posture by lengthening and strengthening the back, feet, and shoulder muscles. Slots conveniently over the shoulder rests of all Align-Pilates reformers so that is can be used on the reformer as well as the floor. For floor use our step features an anti-slip base and can be used with our 32” Maple Gondola Pole for extra exercises possibilities. The Arc is also removable, as well as locking in place, so this can be used independently offering an alternative curvature to our regular stacking arc. It also includes 3 eyelets on each side for use with the Align-Pilates Resistance Bands (Light, Medium & Strong) to increase exercise intensity and further extend the functionality of this diverse piece of equipment.

  • Dimensions:  79cm (L) x 48cm (W) X 34cm (H)
  • Weight:  19.5kg